I want to catch the sky bird. I want to show the invisible. I want to reveal the landscapes of the soul. --Brother Blue, Storyteller

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Anneliese Kamola, Storyteller


I live in Bellingham, Washington. I thrive in the bigness of the Pacific Northwest wild nature:  jagged mountains, pounding oceans, island-peppered bays, and lush forests. The intensity of the landscape here is the clearest mirror of my spirit. One of my earliest memories is running and dancing on Shi-Shi Beach, a beach on the northwestern-(al)most tippy-tip of the Washington State peninsula. The wildness of this liminal place, where water and land meet with the pounding of the waves on gray sand, is where I still feel the most alive.

As I have grown, I have learned to carry this point of aliveness deep within my center. It is from this place that my stories originate. I weave together oral telling, writing, dancing, and theater to create a vividly embodied storytelling.

I believe that we are all stories. Our bodies carry stories. Family lineages are imbued with moments of choice in which the plot line was forever altered. We live within a context of self, family, culture, society, and global influences, and how we respond to the interweaving says a lot about how we create our stories. Awareness of our stories allows us to stand with grounded power in our own Self. From here we can courageously meet our rapidly changing world. I have found that when I know where I stand, I know where I am not. When I know my own story, I can sense clearly how I can grow.

The storytelling projects you find on my website are all resourced from my connection to the Wild, and are each responding to changes within our world. I hope that in sharing my stories with you we can create new possibilities in the fabric of our shared humanity.

Welcome to storypocket.net.


Anneliese has three projects underway:

Filling the Void

  • A solo performance weaving together the traditional folktale of ‘Vasalisa the Brave’ with my personal story of my overeating disorder, creating a new version of the Heroine’s Journey
  • Upcoming Performance:  Holden Village, WA, February 2013
  • Performed in Bellingham, WA April 2013; Auburn, WA June 2013; and Olympia, WA June 2013.


Holding Up Her Part of the Sky

  • Traditional folktales of strong women from around the world
  • Performed July 24, 2013, Bellingham


Ancestral Lines

  • Retracing my ancestral roots back to my indigenous homelands
  • Bellingham and Europe
  • April-June 2011, August-Present
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